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Papers » Aquapaper » Set Origami Ships

Set Origami Ships
Modelno.: 80601
only 2,99 €
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Craft Kit Origami-Ships – Sailing Yacht + Rowboat


Format: 20x20cm               Sheets:14

Models: 6                         Colour: white

Grammage: 70g                 Paper: Aquapaper

Instruction: German, English, French

All on board and full speed ahead! With this exciting craft kit yound and old have great craft fun. Atfirst the boat is folded according to the instructions, then the sail. Now both parts are put together and off we go.

You can choose between the simple Rowboat, followed by the Sailing Boat with a mast and finally the Sailing Yacht with three masts.

The enclosed aqua paper is floatable, so that the boats can sail around eagerly in a bowl, sink, tub or pond. In the evening the models should be taken out of the water to dry. The next morning they are ready for action again.

All models can be made twice, so that the entire fleet consists of 6 ships. In addition a substitute paper is enclosed.


To customize the models they can be painted with a permanent marker. Also acrylic paint can be used, but this can reduce the floatability of the paper. Therefore a test should be made beforehand.

Level of difficulty / Age bracket
Previous knowledge is not necessary. The models are suitable for beginners. Each step is explained separately. Children under 10 should get support from an adult.


Hints + Tips for crafting

For practicing copy paper can be used first. The practice ship can then be painted as a test too. Beware: the copy paper cannot swim.

Promoting the skills of children

The attentive crafting with paper promotes the concentration of children. At the same time dexterity is trained. Also spatial sense and the understanding of geometric shapes is promoted.

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Set Origami Ships
Set Origami Ships

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