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FAQ / Help

How to shop at Paper Frog

You can search our shop in two different ways:

  1. Quarry - browse through our product line by clicking through the flags at the top, or the categories in the navigation bar on the left of our shop.
  2. Search - if you're looking for particular products, you can use our Search or Advanced Search functions.

 How to search

By using Search, you onla search the product names. So you should be sure the word you're searching for is used in the name of the article. 

By using Advanced Search, you're browsing both name and description of all of our products. Divide multiple words with a space and narow down your results by searching assorted categorys or maximum prices.

How to Buy

Next to each product in our shop you will see this button:
By clicking this button, the product is moved into your shopping cart. Of course, it can be deleted again at any time.

Shopping Cart

Right after the first product is placed in it, your shopping cart appears on the top right of the shop. There, you can view your shopping cart or proceed to checkout.
    By clicking on View Shopping Cart you can:
  1. change quantity: Here you can adjust the number of pieces you want to buy for each product. After inserting the new quantity, simply click on 'update', your changes will be applied and the total will be updated. 
  2. delete products from the shopping cart: Check the box next to the product you want to remove, then click on update. 
  3. checkout: If you want to order the now selected products, click on 'checkout'.

After clicking on checkout you can:

  1. Log in, in case you're already a registered customer at Paper Frog 
  2. Create an account. By creating an account at Paper Frog, you don't have to give us your address the next time you shop at Paper Frog. Plus you can create different delivery addresses, look up the delivery status of each order and print your receipts. With an account at Paper Frog, your shopping cart and your wishlist will be will be saved, in case you want to continue shopping some time later.
  3. proceed directly to checkout. This being recommendabl only if you know for sure you'll be ordering only once. You don't have to choose a password, and the rest is the same as with creating an account.

In the following steps you can choose where and how your order will be delivered and which method of payment you'd like to use. You'll be shown an overview of your order where you can still apply changes and you'll get information on your right of withdrawal ant the distant selling law. After this, you can send us your order.


You can place every product on your personal wishlist, simply by clicking:

Later, you can move products on your wishlist into your shopping cart. Or send your wishlist to friends and family. When you're logged in on your account, your wishlist will be saved for further visits at Paper Forg.


In this Menu, you can edit you personal information, billing- and delivery address, view your purchase order status and print your receipt. 

Have fun shopping at Paper Frog!

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1 x 5x Duo colour red-gold 61,5x99 cm
1 x 5x Strass Paper Silver 65 x 92 cm
1 x 5x Elephant paper red 65 x 92 cm
1 x 2x Froggi Fast Adhesive 30g
1 x Snowflake Red
1 x Nostalgic Christmas house, advent calendar
1 x 5x Transparent Paper Yellow 65 x 92 cm
1 x 5x Duo colour blue-gold 61,5x99 cm
1 x Japanese Glitter Adhesive Foil Silver 5 sheets 15x15
1 x 5x Duo colour blue-silver 61,5x99 cm
33,67 €
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Last viewed
UHU glue 60g
UHU glue 60g

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